I NEED YOUR HELP!! A response to the case study below is Nursing Assignment Help

I NEED YOUR HELP!! A response to the case study below is needed. APA. 500 word min w/ reference. 

Nursing is a broad-spectrum field of study offering a variety of career choices to choose from the perspective of students. Once a bachelor’s degree in nursing is obtained and a registered nursing license is granted more possibilities present themselves including higher education. Continuation of studies resulting in the completion of a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree or a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree will yield an advanced practice nurse (APN). Some APN careers do not require the passing of any certification examinations. An example would be the nurse administrator. However, the nurse practitioner (NP) is a type of APN that does require the passing of a certification examination. There are several types of NP specialties including Primary Care, Psychiatry, and Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), and each one has its own certification examination to pass. In this discussion, we will identify their similarities, and differences, as well as dissect each one in the eyes of a healthcare provider and a consumer.

In the eyes of a healthcare provider, the primary care NP role includes the provision of health promotion, disease prevention, and the provision of chronic and acute health care. This specialty of NPs can diagnose, treat, and manage all different types of health conditions. Common chronic diseases they are faced with on a daily basis include diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and obesity. Primary NPs also provide other services as well including physical examinations, routine screenings, and vaccinations.  In full authority states, NPs may work independently to do this, however, in restricted authority states NPs must work under the supervision of a medical doctor. A recent systematic review concluded that primary care delivered by NPs is associated with a decreased risk of preventable hospitalization for many chronic diseases (Poghosyan et al., 2018). Surveys reveal higher patient satisfaction when patients are cared for by NPs rather than by physicians. In the eyes of a healthcare provider, the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) role includes providing care to those with mental health challenges. Common psychological illnesses assessed, diagnosed, and treated by this type of APN include anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, addiction, and bipolar. Previous studies in somatic health care revealed that patients find nurse practitioners reliable, helpful, and empathic and feel empowered, at peace, and in control when cared for by PMHNPs (van Dusseldorp et al., 2023). Lastly, in the eyes of a healthcare provider, a CNM role includes the provision of prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal care. Patients who desire more emotional support usually choose a CNM as they tend to be more holistic. They are required to be in the low-risk pregnancy category to do so, however. High-risk pregnancies are required to be seen by the OB-GYN.

Similarities of the above-discussed APNs are that they all assess, diagnose, and treat. As advocates for their patients, they all must excel in active listening, communication, and empathy. Differences between the above-discussed APNs would be their patient populations and duties. Also, their work environments are completely different. The primary care NP may work in clinics or nursing homes, the PMHNP may work in a treatment center or behavioral health clinic, and the CNM may work in birthing centers or even homes.

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