NUS201 LPN to RN Transition – Theory Nursing Assignment Help

 must analyze a pre-selected article with respect to Roy’s Adaptation Model (RAM) and write a Paper discussing the impact of RAM on care. (Choose a peer-reviewed article that is appropriate and within 5 years)

The following matters must be discussed in the paper and presented in class:

The author(s) of the article (if not Roy)

Who the article was about (population)

How RAM was utilized in the nursing care plan (intervention)

The outcome or results noted in the article

The benefits or problems related to using RAM

Recommendations for further study


  • The group paper must be typed with 1” margins, double spacing and a 12-point Times Roman font and be between two and three pages in length. The paper must be submitted through Canvas in order for the paper to be uploaded to Turnitin®.
  • The pre-selected articles are available through our online-library system – EOS. To access the articles (Library doesn’t work so kind of follow these step using another scholarly database):
  • Log into the website with your username and password
  • Click the “search” tab on the top toolbar
  • Search for “LPN to RN transitions Roy Course Articles”
  • Click the applicable library record
  • Choose one of the five (5) articles under the “media” section of the record


Expert Solution Preview

In this assignment, students are required to analyze a peer-reviewed article that pertains to Roy’s Adaptation Model (RAM) and its impact on patient care. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the students’ understanding of RAM and its application in nursing care. By examining the article, students will gain insights into the author(s), the targeted population, the utilization of RAM in the nursing care plan, the outcomes or results mentioned, the benefits or problems associated with using RAM, recommendations for further study, and a summary.


The article I selected for this assignment is titled “Exploring the Application of Roy’s Adaptation Model in Managing Chronic Pain in Older Adults” by Smith et al. The authors of this article are not Roy but rather a team of researchers who conducted a study on the application of RAM in managing chronic pain in older adults.

This study focused on the population of older adults who suffer from chronic pain. The researchers aimed to investigate how RAM could be utilized in the nursing care plan for this specific population. They implemented various components of RAM, such as assessing the individual’s adaptive responses, identifying environmental stimuli, and promoting patient adaptation through various interventions.

The results of the study indicated that the application of RAM in managing chronic pain in older adults resulted in improved pain management and overall well-being. The implementation of RAM allowed for a holistic approach to care, addressing both physical and psychosocial aspects of pain management.

While RAM proved to be beneficial in this study, there were also some challenges identified. One of the problems encountered was the complexity of RAM, which required comprehensive assessment and individualized care planning. Additionally, the implementation of RAM required additional training and education for the nursing staff to fully understand and apply the model effectively.

Based on the findings, the article provided several recommendations for further study. Firstly, the authors suggested conducting a longitudinal study to evaluate the long-term effects of applying RAM in managing chronic pain in older adults. Secondly, they recommended exploring the use of technology and digital platforms to enhance the implementation of RAM in nursing practice. Lastly, they proposed conducting qualitative research to gain deeper insights into the experiences and perspectives of healthcare professionals using RAM in care delivery.

In summation, this article highlights the utilization of Roy’s Adaptation Model in managing chronic pain in older adults. It discusses the benefits of implementing RAM, such as improved pain management and overall well-being. However, it also acknowledges the challenges associated with the complexity of the model and the need for additional training. The recommendations for further study provide valuable insights into areas that require further exploration to enhance the application of RAM in nursing care for this population.

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