Paper #1: Reflection upon Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

1. Purpose: The purpose of this project is to provide students with specific questions which will provide them with the tools to reflect upon their Myers-Briggs Personality Type and to enhance their understanding of their type’s unique contribution to team-based projects, as well as an indicator of their management strengths. In addition, students are asked to identify their own unique challenges as related to team-based work as well as management responsibilities.

2. Approach:  Complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment and determine your four-letter type acronym.  Research your four-letter type indicator online and/or in the library.  Respond to the specific questions supplied below.  Maximum report length of 5 pages, which includes the required cover sheet, reference list.

3. Specific Questions to be Addressed: 1. What are the key traits of your “type”? 2. How might your traits be an asset to your team’s success? 3. How might your traits be a hindrance to your team’s success? 4. How might your traits help or hinder your role as a manager? 5. What specific personality areas, if any, have you decided to work on based upon this project? Why?

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