Historical Conversations Project

Description This is a list of required elements of the 1700-word (6-7 pages of text) HCP essay: Clear argument identifying a significant and precisely defined contemporary cultural, political, and/or social problem related to the themes of our core text. Vivid description and analysis of TWO artifacts (court cases, historical documents, photographs, film clips, news footage, etc) that provide evidence of the problem in the present. Vivid description and analysis of an artifact that provides evidence of the problem in the past 25-50 years, along with a discussion of how the problem has transformed. An analysis of the relevant history of the precise problem you are studying, rather than a broad and general history of all issues related to the problem. Recent histories may be more important than century-long histories. An analysis of the background and causes of the problem. Remember that the background or context of the problem is important and does not have to be a direct cause in order for you to consider it. When you write about causes, you can write about direct and indirect causes, contributing causes, chain reactions, triggers, etc. Summary and criticism of FOUR scholarly secondary sources on some aspect of the problem you are studying. Criticism can include finding assumptions, omissions, bias, or logical errors. You are required to show how the sources are RELATED to one another and how they INTERACT. Locate and identify debates and discussions among experts. Feel free to include non-scholarly sources, too! They can’t count as scholarly sources but they are going to give you really interesting info & opinions! A variety of multi-modal (multi-media) sources that you analyze and that provide evidence and arguments supplementing your claims about the problem, its history, its causes, its background, and/or any controversial aspect of the problem. You should upload things like photos and graphs, and consider including links to videos or films for which you should note minute & second mark where you want your viewer to notice something you are “quoting.” The multi-modal (multi-media) evidence of the problem should not be simply added after you are done writing your essay, but should work with your writing as a way to build your argument that there is a significant problem. Use captions and analyze the multi-media sources! MLA formatted bibliography/works cited of AT LEAST six to eight overall sources, including four scholarly secondary sources. Consult 20 scholarly secondary sources, and include them in your works cited/bibliography. Include all that you consult! When in doubt, cite the source. In addition, include three source annotations in your HCP or wait until the Advocacy Project.

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