The purpose of this essay is to present information about how lay

Should be 7 pages, I inch margins, font size 12, double spaced. Essay should also feature your own title. The title should be relevant and informative (think of someone doing a search on the internet for your paper- would your paper be found easily by someone interested in the topic of Turbaned males in the US?) Broad theme: Discuss public perceptions of the turban worn by males in America. Main Issues:

1) The purpose of this essay is to present information about how lay people in the US view the turban not just as head gear but from a cultural perspective. Are there different social groups that wear turbans for disparate reasons?

2) Your essay should be targeted at the general public and should explain this article/item of cultural expression in the context of culture as a shared, learned and relevant attribute of social groups. If your article was published in the New York Times, what new knowledge would the reader gain that they did not have before about the male turban across global cultures? 3) How do you think they would treat turbaned male walking down Main street after reading your essay? 4) How has writing this paper influenced your perception of turban -wearing males?- You are expected to find new sources for this paper

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