The Monument Assignment (olympia)

 Description *please use the greek archeological site of OLYMPIA Creating a visual language of monumentality in the ancient world “Monumentality” is a term often applied to structures and sculpture in the Greek world; it is used to describe substantial and/or intricate works and it promotes their intent to impress viewers or speak for the community that produced them. The term is useful, but ultimately subjective. This assignment asks you to consider what constitutes “monumental” in your opinion. Please select a monument from Greek antiquity that, in your opinion, fulfills the quality of monumental.(olympia) Discuss (1-2 paragraphs) its form and provide a detailed description of the monument, including location, date, type, size, configuration, and ground plan (if applicable). Include any information on its civic, political, or religious contexts: Civic/political: e.g. attributed to a tyrant?, built on the occasion of a military victory? built by a civic body (e.g. a polis)? Religious: dedicated to whom? Built as part of a sanctuary? Dedicated by a person or group? If the artist or architect is known, include information on the creator of the monument. Discuss (2-3 paragraphs) the aspects that permit it to be classified as monumental. These may include its scale, degree of ornamentation, material composition, architectural style, as well as its siting and location with respect to the built environment and to the natural world (e.g. does it rise above the city adding to the skyline, is it visible from a distance, is it oriented to overlook the coast? How does it fit with its surroundings?) Include a bibliography following Chicago/MLA citation style (2-4 sources should be sufficient)

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