Should the internet be completely unregulated? Consider two issues:

Should the internet be completely unregulated? Consider two issues: Accuracy of information Offensive speech

In this time and age, keeping modern people away from the internet seems to be impossible. The Internet is widely used which allows activities such as economic, cultural, social and political are no longer limited by time and space. It also shortens the distance between people around the world, bringing not only convenience, also opportunities for different stakeholders. According to Statista, there are 4.2 billion global digital populations in 2018 which in other words, more than half of global citizens are active users. (Statista,2018) In fact, the internet nowadays is irreplaceable due to its convenience and most importantly, borderless myriad information. With its easy accessibility, users can effortlessly learn almost everything. However, the common fact is that since there are no limitations that everyone can share thoughts on the internet which cause not only offensive speeches can be easily found, also the accuracy of information might in doubt. This essay will demonstrate that the internet should be regulated in certain level.

Cyber-bullying is one of the reasons that the internet should be regulated. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying or harassment by using platforms over the internet. (Whittaker, 2015, p.14) It is evidenced that nearly half of teenagers in the US have experienced such offensive speeches. The number of suicides among US high school students has continued to rise in recent years, doubling between 2007 and 2014, alleged to be caused by bullying on the Internet or social media. Cyberbullying has caused the victims mentally traumatized, and in some serious cases, victims suicide. (Hilary,2018). It can be seen that the internet may cause a crisis for people’s mental health. Yet, Internet users tend to believe that it is complicated for the authority to determine their identity online. This allows users share whatever they want since people believe that there are no consequences need to be beared on the internet. This idea is actually true in some countries. The US, for instance, US citizens used to have full freedom of speech on the internet. However, the US government started censorship and surveillance since 2014. Offensive speeches offenders who have involved in harassment were prosecuted. (Hollister, 2014) It is a fact that regulations in a way that helped prevented some cyberbullying from happening. The core reason for people posting offensive speeches is generally due to the lack of regulations.

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