Physician Care Services (PCS) was founded as a tax-paying corporation on January 1, CY-5.  Three physicians each own 20% of the stock and one physician owns 40% of its stock.   Physician Care Services currently offers non-urgent and urgent care services in two locations – at the Alpha Center located just outside the city limits of Middleboro in Mifflenville and at the Beta Center located in Jasper close to the Jasper Industrial park and suburban neighborhoods.  At these locations ambulatory medical care is provided on a walk-in basis. Physician Care Services centers do not offer emergency services.  If a patient arrives needing emergency services an ambulance is called to transport the patient to the nearest hospital emergency room. 


            The Alpha Center was opened on January 2, CY-5.  Originally, it only treated occupational health clients.  This policy was changed on July 1, CY-4 when private pay patients were accepted.  The Beta Center opened on January 2, CY-2 and has always treated private pay as well as occupational health clients.


            Physician Care Services specializes in providing services that are deemed “convenient” by the general public.  Patient satisfaction remains its highest operational goal.  At the present time staff physicians employed by Physician Care Services do not maintain admitting privileges at any area hospital and do not provide continuing medical care.  In general, Physician Care Services physicians refer patients to area physicians as warranted for continuing and/or specialized medical care.  Physician Care Service’s Medical Director, however, is in the process of applying for medical staff privileges so that PCS can begin to better serve patients with HMO coverage with 24/7 medical care.   Today, while patients often return to a Physician Care Services Center, long-term illness management is not provided.






Occupational Health Clients


Occupational health clients are sent to a Physician Care Services Center by their employer for treatment of a work related injury which is usually covered by Workers Compensation insurance for pre employment or annual physicals and/or medical testing which are paid for directly by the employer.  Due to special work conditions, usually involving hazardous chemicals or materials, some local corporations contract with Physician Care Services to provide comprehensive physicals in accordance with Department of Transportation (DOT) and other federal and state laws and regulations.  Local corporations consider Physician Care Services a cost effective and convenient alternative to a hospital emergency room. These corporations use Physician Care Services in lieu of employing a physician.  Corporate clients expect Physician Care Services to assist with all phases of case management involving worker injury and often hold Physician Care Services accountable to insure that workers receive timely, appropriate and cost effective services from physicians Physician Care Services might refer to.


            Physicals for OSHA compliance are currently priced between $300 and $400. per physical.  Physicals for local police and fire (include PFT, labs and EKG) are currently priced between $250-300 per physical depending upon volume. Pre-employment physicals are typically priced between $60-65 and include a CBC and urine –dip test.


            Private Pay Clients


Private pay clients also seek medical care from Physician Care Services centers.  All aspects of general medical care are provided except ob/gyn.  Private patients are attracted to Physician Care Services because they do not need an appointment.  Physician Care Services accepts cash, checks and credit cards at time of service.  Physician Care Services does not directly bill any health insurance plan (except on a few situations covered by agreements with area PPO and POS insurance plans). Currently, the patient is furnished a bill to claim reimbursement directly from his or her insurance plan.  Any client with a history of bad debt at PCS is referred to a hospital emergency room for service.  Physician Care Services maintains an aggressive credit and bad debt collection policy and does not serve Medicaid patients. 


Patients located within a 30 minutes travel distance to a PCS Center typically constitute 80% of its private pay patients.


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