Language, Identity & Power

Critical linguists (e.g. Fairclough, 1989, 1995, Van Dijk, 1989, Wodak, 2011) argue that the media has the power to represent, construct and challenge particular identities. They function ideologically in their production of meanings and their construction of power relations; selecting what to make salient or what to silence. They therefore have the power to mediate and represent events and people in particular ways. Drawing on recent research that has critically analysed the representation of a particular identity/ies e.g. a nation/community/person (e.g. immigrant groups; bankers; a global leader/celebrity), discuss: how these representations have been constructed in language and discourse in the media; why a critical analysis of the particular issue is important; and how these representations may influence public ideology.

Also critically discuss the advantages and limitations of critical discourse analysis. Word length: 4,000 words plus a list of references, correctly presented (list of references is not included in the word count) TALK ABOUT THE BELOW (ACCORDINGLY): -BREXIT -DONALD TRUMP -LGBT -VARIOUS CAMPAIGNS: AGAINST KILLING WHALES IN JAPAN – RACISM -ROYAL FAMILY

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