Historiographical Analysis of a “Cultural History”

In 4-5 double-spaced pages, you will offer an analysis of one of the principal “schools” of historical analysis. You will be expected to: a) Identify the major figures responsible for the field’s development and explain its emergence and – if appropriate – its fall

b) Identify the major questions, types of evidence, publication venues, methods of analysis, etc. that typify the approach c) Critique strengths and weaknesses of the methods. You will do this in an analysis of at least five representative pieces of scholarship from this approach. These can be articles, books, or book chapters. I need to write an histrographcal essay, you may find information on how to do one here: http://www.brunswick.k12.me.us/khart/how-to-write-a-historiographical-essay/ I have selected cultural history, the 5 scholarly articles that are to be studied and sourced can be of any topic, I’d prefer if you pick something related to German, Italian, Peruvian or Russian cultural history. Once you pick your 5 scholarly articles I’d like it if you could send them to mejust to have an idea what you will write

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