Description of the different sources of law in the UK (P1),

You have recently joined a London based law firm Global Solicitors as a Senior Employment and Dispute Law Advisor and will be responsible and take charge of all dispute and employment related cases.


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You have been tasked to advise new start-up companies on the legal systems and key legislations that they are required to know and apply, and your responsibility is to produce a handbook for new companies that will offer advice and guidance on employment law and dispute resolutions. (good to go)


The handbook must include the following:


Description of the different sources of law in the UK (P1), elaboration on the role of government in law-making, and how statutory and common law is applied in the justice courts, using appropriate diagrams and case studies. (P2) Provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of the legal system in terms of recent reforms and development (M1)


Illustration on how company, employment and contract law impact on business using UK examples (P3) and identification of the differences between legislation, regulations and standards, leading to the analysis of their potential impact upon business. (M2) This should be supported by a coherent and a critical evaluation of the legal system and law, with evidence drawn from a range of different relevant examples to support judgements. (D1)



Careful exploration of how different types of business organisations are legally formed (P4), managed and funded (P5), and a detailed assessment on the pros and cons of their formation (M3), followed by a critical review and an evaluation of the different types of business organisations (D2).


Identification and recommendation of appropriate legal solutions for resolving a range of disputes using relevant examples to demonstrate how a client might obtain legal advice and support (P6), including a comparison and evaluation of the different sources of legal advice and support (M4, D3).

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