CRIJ 3305 Criminology Theory Policy Papers 1 & 2 Instructions

A. You will chose a theory to develop a policy from. a. We will have in class group activities on how theory translates into policy and I have provided some examples of policies based on theory on BlackBoard for you, but remember your Policy Papers must be more in depth than the examples. b. The examples are just there to help get you started. c. You may use integrated theory, but it must be covered in depth and you may need to check with me if you would like to do this. d. You should write a background overview of the theory (about a page). Essentially explaining the main theory tenants. You will need to cite the materials you use, but using just the textbook materials are fine. IF you decide to use the Revealing Criminology Podcast or YouTube materials listed in your syllabus, you will still need to cite them properly.

B. Your policy development will be the remaining part of the paper. a. While creativity is encouraged, you must ground your polices into a theory discussed in this course. b. Be sure to end with a conclusion summarizing why you think this policy will be effective.

C. The written policy papers must be a minimum of three pages each (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and double spaced) and uploaded to BlackBoard. a. Each paper should be a minimum of 3 pages, but that is generally what will be required for a C grade. An A paper should include more information

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