Create a Gantt chart outlining the full SDLC of the integration of

. Create a Gantt chart outlining the full SDLC of the integration of your hospital’s new telehealth system that includes each of the following: • five phases of an SDLC • five major sub-tasks within each phase of the SDLC • specific start dates, finish dates, and task durations for each subtask • designated resource name • task dependencies indicated with arrows • one milestone event in each phase of an SDLC. B. Create a presentation (suggested length of approximately 20 minutes) of your proposed approach to planning the SDLC to the hospital’s executive leadership by doing the following: 1. Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote) (suggested length of 8–14 slides) for your hospital’s executive leadership that includes the Gantt chart from part A and explains your SDLC approach. Include presenter notes. 2. Justify in your multimedia presentation your inclusion of the five subtasks, task owners, timeline, and milestone event in each of the following phases of the SDLC: • planning • analysis • design/development

• implementation • evaluation 3. Explain in your multimedia presentation to the hospital’s executive leadership how the subtasks of your Gantt chart address the following: • key data elements that support your organization’s clinical research initiatives • compliance with federal and other regulations • the integration of ergonomics and environmental health 4. Discuss in your multimedia presentation to the hospital’s executive leadership the potential impact of the new telehealth system on three of the following entities: • healthcare consumers • families • communities • resources • networks • healthcare organizations

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