The is a paper of mental disorder course. This assignment requires

The is a paper of mental disorder course.

This assignment requires that you complete an 8-10 page (approximately) critical examination ofthe movie Silver Linings Playback, that focuses on the portrayal of Mental Disorder within the film based on course readings and discussions.Write the paper on the movie, Silver Linings Playback.YOU NEED TO WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE WRITING THE PAPER.

Must follow the rubric. I am attaching some of my course materials you need to use course materials on this paper. Please go through the class slides in order to understand and apply course materials on the paper.

Must be in Times New Roman. The body of the document should be printed in standard 12-point font size. Indent paragraphs in all assignments and use double spacing between and within paragraphs. The paper including footnotes, references, appendices and figures has NO word count. The length should be about 8-10 pages long excluding the reference list, double spaced. Emphasize quality over quantity. Moreover, maintain one-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) for all assignments. The assignments submitted must have page numbers. Use new APA guidelines for citations.Must have a title page just like the reference.


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As a medical professor, it is important to assess and evaluate the portrayal of mental disorders in media. In this assignment, the focus will be on critically examining the representation of mental disorders in the movie Silver Linings Playback, based on course readings and discussions. The aim of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge of mental health disorders to a real-life scenario in the media.

Question: What are some key elements that should be included in the critical examination of Silver Linings Playback?

To conduct a critical examination of Silver Linings Playback, students should watch the movie and take notes on how mental disorders are portrayed. They should use the course readings and discussions to evaluate the accuracy of the portrayal of mental disorders in the movie. In addition, students should consider the impact that the portrayal of mental disorders has on society, and take into account any inaccuracies or stereotypes present in the film. Finally, students should provide recommendations for how the portrayal of mental disorders in media can be improved in the future.

Question: How should the paper be formatted and what guidelines should be followed for citations?

The paper should be 8-10 pages long, double-spaced and printed in Times New Roman, 12-point font size. Paragraphs should be indented and there should be double spacing between and within paragraphs. One-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) should be maintained, and the paper should have page numbers. The paper should follow new APA guidelines for citations, and include a title page and reference list. All assignments should be free of plagiarism and done with professionalism.

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