In this essay you must analytically examine history that some say was covered up regarding the life and death of Pocahontas. A new history, written by the Mattaponi Indian tribe, focused on concerning the life and death of Pocahontas: (http://digital.lib.lehigh.edu/trial/pocahontas/mattaponi.php) The Mattaponi tribe claims in their new book that English settlers captured, raped and impregnated Pocahontas before her marriage to John Rolfe. To cover up this English abuse, John Rolfe agreed to marry Pocahontas in order to prevent war over her treatment and to protect his tobacco crop. The tribe also claimed that Pocahontas was already married to a Mattaponi man named Kocoum and had a son, but the Colonial government viewed the marriage null and void since it did not occur in a Christian Church. She was forced to travel to England in order to help Rolfe save his people and keep hers from annihilation. This presents the story of Pocahontas more like a murder mystery than a rescue love story that many of us have been exposed to throughout our lives Research this further in the library and at Case Study: Pocahontas (https://americanindian2-abc-clio-com.ezproxy1.apus.edu/Topics/Display/2012198?sid=1479963&webSiteCode=SLN_AIE_AC&returnToPage=%2fTopics%2fDisplay%2f2012198%3fsid%3d1479963&cid=22&useConcept=False&token=4DDEFD73BF1F13F5F153E982856FC3DB&casError=False) Using these two sources and one additional academic source, critically analyze this new development in the Pocahontas story. Summarize what you learned from the Mattaponi tribe. Include in your analysis, the debate between historians of European descent and those that are Native American about how to write the history of Indian peoples. Two of the sources are given in the parenthesis, and another can be a source of writers choice.


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