Management information system (MIS)

BUSI331 Database assignment is meant to measure students understanding of theoretical and practical database concepts in a business environment. The assignment does not impose a specific solution or business model. Rather, it measures the coherence and accumulation of student knowledge related to the subject under study (Database in Business). The emphasis is on understanding the business benefits from using database solutions in realistic and logical real life scenarios based on students’ choices. This assignment is an individual assessment that is under complete compliance with AUD plagiarism prevention rules. It must be prepared by each individual student without the help or support of other students. Note that students might be asked to present their solutions to the professor in class. Students working on the same database and producing similar reports, across both sections (A and B), shall face appropriate measures for cheating and plagiarism. Description: Select a company and focus on a business process of your choice (e.g. particular operation within the company – small or big), either from a real or imaginary business. Suggest a database solution that enhances the process and helps the business to gain a strategic competitive advantage. Design database tables with fields related to the selected business process. The main purpose is to demonstrate the value of designing and using Databases for gaining competitive advantages. Guidelines: 1: Database shall include only 3 relational tables 2: Each table shall include at least 5 fields having different types (Numeric, Text, and Date) 3: Tables shall be linked through their Primary/foreign keys 4: Report shall include at least 500 words written using MS-Word, and include the following sections: A. Description of the business (100 words) B. Business process of interest and the planned improvement (200 words) C. Strategic competitive advantage of the Database (200 words) D. A complete ERD Diagram showing the basic structure of the Database with description. E. A snapshot of the Relationship Diagram Deliverables, Deadline and Score:  The output of the assignment is : A written Report only (No MS Access Database)  Final results shall be submitted through Blackboard SafeAssign  Submission is expected on February 18th 2019, hardcopy during the class and blackboard at the end of day  10 Marks will be allocated to this assignment

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