English 093 | Essay 2 Assignment The American Dream

The American Dream

Topic introduction:

What is the American Dream? There are many definitions, and you should find two or three perspectives on what this dream is; you should also analyze how definitions or understandings of the dream have changed over time. (For example, was the American Dream described differently in 1950s America from how it is described today?) Following from your definitions, you will discuss some prevailing understandings of what it means to achieve the dream or not to achieve it. Has achieving the American Dream become more difficult in recent decades (or more difficult for certain groups of people), and if so, why? If not, why not?

Is the dream easier to achieve now? Explain. (You’ll need to show good evidence for your argument.) Required components to this essay: Be sure, in your essay, to cover the following topics: What is the American Dream (find two or three definitions from past to present), and has this definition changed for the present time? Cite evidence. Is the American Dream still achievable? If so, is it more difficult or easier to achieve? You might analyze certain groups of people (e.g., socioeconomic classes, race/ethnicity, biological sex, etc.). How do you know? Cite good evidence for your argument. Your essay should follow all MLA style rules, such as (but not limited to) the following: Double space & type One-inch margins on all sides Cite in-text (parenthetical citations) Provide a works cited page Use Times New Roman font, size 12

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