SYSM 6301 / MECH 6337 Term Paper Assignment Overview: Analyze, to the

(Overall) Purpose and Method: This course requires the students to prepare and submit an individual term paper demonstrating how you would apply the knowledge you gained during the course. Students should remember that the nature of the course is about systems engineering architecture and design. The focus of the term paper should revolve around this theme. (Overall) Term Paper Detailed Focus: The course material covered during the lectures is just an overview of the subjects. The term paper focus is on demonstrating your understanding of how to apply what you have learned about Systems Engineering and critiquing how Systems Engineering is being applied today by your identified focused “entity.” Therefore, in order to complete the term paper, you need to complete the following: • Focus on one of the following types of companies: a. The company you currently work at; b. A company you have worked at (or with) in the past; c. A company you would like to work for in the future; d. A company you have an interest in, for some other reason; e. If these options are not possible, then an industry you are interested in working within, related to your concentration.

• Analyze, to the best of your ability, the ways the identified company (or industry) currently uses (or lack thereof) systems engineering practices. • Write the term paper ensuring, at a minimum, you specifically (and clearly) answer the following questions: a. What current gaps exist in today’s Systems Engineering approaches exercised by the company (or industry)? b. What do they do right and wrong? c. What should they change, how, and why? d. How are you going to (or could you) influence the changes (identified when answering the question above) with your new understanding of Systems Engineering? • NOTE: The focus topic SHALL NOT be a specific product or service. The focus shall be about “the big picture!” Those that choose to ignore this requirement will have their assignment’s grade significantly reduced. Term Paper Organization Details: The term paper assignment is broken into two (2) parts, due dates in eLearning.

Part 1 – Initial Term Paper Constraints and Requirements: In order to ensure you “get off on the right track,” for part 1, you are required to submit a “detailed” abstract / “paper focus overview.” This submission will be reviewed to confirm you are proceeding with the correct “focus,” and help prevent procrastination.

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