Interpretive Geotechnical Report

Each student, acting as a Geotechnical Consultant, shall prepare an individual interpretative report on a site investigation for the construction of a small reservoir and associated structures, as shown on drawing ‘Site Plan’ – Appendix I. The area of land under consideration comprises the confluence of two streams into a relatively high sided valley. It is proposed to dam the valley at its narrowest point by the construction of an earth dam, together with two spillways and a pumping station. An access road is also to be constructed to serve the pumping station. A factual report has been prepared by Rogers Geotechnical Services Ltd and this document has been issued as part of the general information relating to the site.

The aims of this report are to outline the structural properties of the site in relation to the proposed development, carry out initial design calculations for the proposed work, advise on any problems that may occur on the site during and (or) after construction and suggest justifiable ways of overcoming any problems identified. Both hand and/or computer calculations are required for certain sections below, together with written comments comparing the result obtained from both methods. The presentation of the report must be to a very high and accurate standard i.e. you are employed by the client to produce a series of professional design calculations – marks will be deducted if this is not achieved

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