Courts: Tougher Sentencing for Minorities

Over the course of the section on courts, we have read Somebody Help me Understand This and When Canaries Won’t Sing. You will write an additional source essay for this topic. Students are to locate three additional sources related to each topic of the course. As the topics covered are broad, the direction of the additional source essay is up to the individual student. Acceptable types of sources include articles from peer-reviewed journals, books, edited books, news articles, magazine articles, government reports, non-government organization reports, court decisions, and code law. However, your additional sources cannot all be the same type of source (e.g. you cannot use 3 news articles for a single paper). A mixture of source types will result in a better paper. Unacceptable sources include lectures, online encyclopedias, Wikipedia, blogs,,, Yahoo, Google, Murderpedia,, or other random websites. If you are unsure about whether or not a source you want to use is valid email me at least 24 hours before the assignment is due and I will examine your source. For the additional source essay, you are required to write an overall summary of your topic using the three sources chosen. Your summary should not consist of three separate summaries of your sources, rather write a single cohesive paper about your topic. If want to quote, you may only have 1 quotation, and you may not use a block quotation (quotation that is 40 words or longer). You must have citations in this paper in order to properly give credit to the sources listed in your references (all sources referenced must be cited in text). Your additional source essay must be 1 full page typed (double spacing, size 12 Times New Roman font, and 1 inch margins). APA formatting guidelines must be followed including a cover page and a reference page. Note that cover page, headings, and reference page do not count toward the required page length. All sources utilized should be properly referenced and cited in text. You may also use one of the assigned readings from the course section, but it will NOT count towards one of the required 3 sources. Failure to follow any of the paper requirements will result in a significant loss of points.

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