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You will compare and contrast two garments for this short essay. Choose two of the fashion items on the list below. Begin by introducing the objects, then describe them separately in approximately one paragraph each. Use proper terminology for garment styles, as you learned in your previous writing assignments. Give some background information on your designer in each paragraph, tying in the designer’s life experience to the work. Conclude by telling your reader how these pieces are similar and how they differ. Reference your writing assignment on the dresses by Poiret and Delaunay, and the worksheet list of details about the garments, as a guide to your approach for this essay. IMAGES: Include the following details for each of the two objects: Artist/Designer, Title, Date, Materials, and Met accession number. These should be on the page following the essay, and should be labeled Figure 1 and Figure 2. In your essay, when you refer to each garment, you should include the figure number. FOR EXAMPLE: Poiret’s gown (figure 1) is… Paper specifications: TITLE PAGE: Come up with an original title and include your name, my name, course title and code. 2 full pages min., 4 pages max. (not including title page, bibliography, or images), typed, double spaced, one-inch margins. Times New Roman, font size 12. SUBMIT AS PDF or WORD only on Blackboard. Emailed submissions will not be accepted. Citations: end notes only for quoted materials. Please use Chicago Manual of Style. Bibliography: In addition to the object URL, list 2 web sites used to research the work of the designer, with complete URLs and date accessed. This assignment will be assessed using SafeAssign anti-plagiarism software. Please quote any materials that are not original with proper citation. Quoted materials not cited properly will result in a 0 for this assignment. Object list: Pick two Worth gown Fortuny Dress Poiret Dress Chanel Dress Vionnet shirt Schiaparelli shirt & bag

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