Explore the Federalist and anti-Federalist sentiments that were at the

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Referring only to the documents, weblinks, and video provided, along with your Divine textbook, in your second essay you will discuss the evolution of the U.S. Constitution from the formation of early state Constitutions to a federal U.S. Constitutional document.

Your paper should contrast and compare the various steps we took along the way to the final U.S. Constitution. Themes/questions to explore in your paper include:

Explore the Federalist and anti-Federalist sentiments that were at the heart of the conflict between individual statehood and/or a strong federal government. This is an argument that is still being discussed today.

How did individual state constitutions contribute to the U.S. Constitution?

How did the Articles of Confederation provide the United States with an effective government in areas of political structure, military and economics?

Did the Declaration of Independence contribute to the process in any way? If so, how?  

What are the Bill of Rights?

What are the 3 most important compromises in the development of the final US Constitution? Were compromises necessary? Why or why not?

Why did citizens feel written documents were important? As an example, in your Divine text, the authors discuss as a foundation of government, the necessity of a written contract that “explicitly define the rights of the people as well as the power of their rulers” (pg 136). Why was that important? Were written documents a practice of European governments like Britain?

What are the fundamental freedoms discussed in all of these documents?

In your opinion, did the design of the federal constitution and the government it created solve the problems it set out to solve as discussed in the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation? 

Readings and references in your paper should include your Divine text, the articles, State and Born Rights 

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by Donald Lutz, The Declaration of Independence in World Context

Preview the document
, by David Armitage, and the weblinks provided below.

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