Trace the spread of a food item from its hearth.

Answer each question in no less than 500 words per question. Make sure to respond to all parts of each question and make a convincing argument for your position, whatever that may be. Please cite all sources from this course via in-text citations (Balter, page #). If you choose to cite new sources, please include a complete citation at the end of the essay. 1.Trace the spread of a food item from its hearth, around the globe, and through the process of industrialization and preservation. Where is the food grown today? How has it been transformed by the spread? How has it been affected by industrialization and modern agriculture? Describe a three course meal featuring your chosen food wherein each dish represents a different stage.  2. Tell me about the history of Pad Thai. What part of your Thailand is it from? Has it gone through any major transformations? In what ways is it representative of the country, and in what ways is it not? (You may need to find new sources for this one.)

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