Society and Culture

Throughout human history new technologies of communication have had a significant impact on culture. In this week’s discussion forum, share your thoughts and observations about the impact of the Internet and social media on your personal life. As mentioned in the video lecture the internet has changed the way we live in profound ways. Although it has brought about many benefits, allowing us to easily connect with friends and family around the globe, allowing us to break down international borders and cultural barriers, social media has come at a price. In this week’s post please comment on the way(s) social network platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc., have had a positive impact on your life, meaning how did interactions on those platforms helped you to feel better about yourself, be better informed, or feel accepted by and connected to others. Conversely, in the same post describe way(s) in which social networking sites had negative personal impacts. How did spending excessive time on social media made you feel tense, uncomfortable, anxious, isolated or self-conscious? Do you think having virtually unlimited access to communication and information has made us happier? Why? Why not?

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