Skin Effect Modeling and Assessment

 Your task: Based on skin effect lecture material and any online resources you may find, use MATLAB to model a scenario of wave propagation in metals; find corresponding skin depths for several scenarios; and describe your findings, along with a brief discussion on skin effect potential usefulness, and/or detriments in the field of ECE. Your submission:1. Brief discussion of the skin effect and relevant formulas that explain it.2. Simulation results for at least three different metals that show:a.Graphical illustration of a sinusoidal wave when it is incident upon a metal (show the wave in air and in metal on the same plot – you may not actually see much after the wave hits a metal without zooming in) – this may be done via an animation, or still graphs;b. Calculation of the skin depth, defined as distance the wave travels in metal before being attenuated by a factor of 106 compared to its magnitude in air;3. Brief discussion of the observed results.4. Brief discussion of skin effect potential usefulness and/or detriments in ECE (use and cite online resources – e.g. papers on IEEE Xplore site – to prepare this write-up).5. Include your MATLAB script

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