Research Project for 1 Textile | 1 Company

The Company you buy the textile from is as important as the textile itself. Many jobs in interiors are repeats. Does the company stand behind their product? Will they be there with you for the repeat job? In interiors, when there is a problem, there is always a lot of finger pointing. You need to be sure you are working with a company who understands your needs and will stand strongly behind their products. Objectives: To choose a Textile that has a story. The story can be a many of things from culture to sustainability.( For example: What is a Paisley? What is Chintz?) Get to understand the company and the textile story! Examples (you can not use any of the Textile Company Examples Provided here) Assignment Requirements:

1. Find the Story. What is the Textile (fabric/ Wallcovering/ Drapery/ Carpet)?

2. you must Think about who needs persuading. Maybe we are a disinterested client that you need to “wow”, or a funding entity that isn’t interested in “catchy stories”? Whoever we (the audience are) you need to define this in your Research report. Where can I reseach? Why should I research? The research will need to come from a Combination of Sources: Internet, iTextiles, Library, Phone Calls to the Reps, Emails to the Company, and possibly a visit with the Rep at the Showrooms, etc… The bottom line is a good company has educated people to help you to make sure your selections are appropriate, and that they stand behind their product. Reach out. Don’t just get to know the Textile and the Story, get to know the Company! Projects that only use evidence from the Internet will not be eligible for full points. It is important to get out there and talk to the Companies and their Affiliates (Citations and Interviews (in person, phone, or email) must be evidenced in your work). Investigate.

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