Individual Community Health Research Paper

Describe an at-risk vulnerable subgroup population- (i.e. homeless, Substance abuse, Gangs and gang violence, mentally impaired, immigrant and migrant population, or pregnant teens) and write the paper based off the rubric provided. Please mention all the points required in the rubric (I’ve listed the points below): (1) Discuss the current national and global perspectives of your selected population (2) Define the demographics of your selected population(age, gender, location, education level, etc.) (3) Discuss the challenges within the selected at-risk communities (4) Propose methods to overcome their challenges (5) Describe the bio-psychosocial, cultural, ethical, legal and economic issues impacting the community as a client (6) Describe the cultural patterns of change that affect the health-care delivery for this at-risk population References: Include A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles from the last 5 years.

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