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Assignment Details As an employee of a company that is considering investing in a foreign economy, you have been asked to research a country and make a presentation to your colleagues about an area of economic concern in the country. Select a country in Africa, Asia, or Latin America to research. Select 1 of the following economic concerns to research: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Unemployment Inflation Quantities of specific goods and services Exports and imports Research data sets for the one economic concern within the country that you have chosen. Prepare 1 presentation consisting of 10-12 Power Point slides and answer the following questions: What are 2–3 relationships between the economic concern you selected and that specific country’s economy? Support your discussion of the trends with statistical evidence. Use graphs and/or data tables of the variables you chose in the discussion. What trends do you see in the data sets? Please explain. Cite all of your sources and include a reference list Your research and slides will form the basis for your Unit 8 Submission Assignment paper, so please be sure to be careful and thorough in your research. Present your information, with appropriate pictures/graphics, in a PowerPoint presentation. The main topics or bullet points should appear on the slides with supporting visuals, while the Speaker Notes area (the box located at the bottom of each slide which allows you to type in notes) should be used to go into more depth regarding these main topics. Make sure the notes include information from the sources you have discovered in your research. This is very important element of your assignments as it will provide both you and your audience with supporting explanations that the bullet posts simply can’t convey. Your presentation should consist of a minimum of 12 slides of content, and the following: a title slide, an introductory slide, a conclusions slide, and a references slide.

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