Explain what kinds of efforts have been undertaken to address the

This essay must be a historical narrative and explanation of an environmental problem (ecosystem devastation, pollution or health problem, climate change concern, or something similar) that has affected you or China in some way in some way. Think specifically about something that has happened, or is happening now, in or near where in California or China. You will then use the course material (I will sent you) and at least one outside academic source to place the problem to do the following in this order:

1. Discuss the origins of the problem locally and within a national and/or global context.

2. Discuss who has been affected most by the problem

3. Explain what kinds of efforts have been undertaken to address the problem and how effective these actions have been. Are/were the actions taken equitable? Are/were they sufficient? The essay can combine with the most recent material on environmental ideas and environmentalisms. This essay is also a way for you to make this class more personal: we all depend on our environment in all kinds of ways. This is an opportunity for you to engage with environmental ideas and how recent history makes our contemporary moment.

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