First, remember your approved research topic. Center this at the top of a word document to begin your annotated bibliography. Find your peer-reviewed articles.You will need 15 peer- reviewed research articles for this assignment. A few notes about this: When collecting journal articles, make sure to obtain the full-text of these articles. NEVER pay for the full-text of an article. Instead, if the full-text is not immediately available, fill out an inter library loan request. Be sure to save these articles–you will need them throughout the course. Complete the annotated bibliography. Put your approved research topic centered at the top of the page. Next, put an APA style citation for each article. Put these in alphabetical order. Under each citation, put a summary of each article. Read the article –start with the abstract, which will give you an overview of the entire study. Then read the introduction, method, and discussion. You can skip the results for now–they’ll tell you what they found in more plain language at the start of the discussion section. Make notes as you read to help with your summary. Summarize the article. What methodology did they use? Who were the participants? What did they find, and why is that important? What were the study limitations, and how can future studies improve upon this work? Why is this study important generally, and for your topic in particular? You’ll do this for each of your 15 peer-reviewed articles. You’ll alternate between an apa style citation and summary for each (and put the citations in alphabetical order!). When writing your summaries, keep the purpose of this assignment in mind: your summaries should be detailed enough so that you don’t need to dig through the original research when writing. Instead, you should be able to rely on your summaries–this will save you time later!

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