Criminal Law: Women falsely claiming to be pregnant to keep a man

Its a 10 page paper which will include the enactment of a new Statute to provide civil and/or criminal penalties for engaging in the deviant behavior identified by your paper. The paper portion of this assignment should be at least 6-8 pages long and the statute should be at least 2-4 pages. As long as 10 pages are written with a minimum of 6 pages for the paper portion. While the assignment allows for a range of 10 pages, the more comprehensive your paper is, the better your grade will be, so you if you choose to submit the minimum number of pages make sure that it is a thorough piece of work that really addresses and explores your topic well.

Your statute can either focus on the penalty being entirely criminal, entirely civil or can start off civil and morph into criminal after for instance so many violations. You can be creative in your penalties section of your Statute even if seen as deviant punishment here in the United States. The behavior you focus on should overtly be considered as deviant or it could be behavior that gets on your nerves, irritates you or just plain turns you off that may be against social norms or normal behavior but is not illegal. Standard font (Times New Roman, Calibri, Ariel), 12 pt., double-space the text of your paper, 1” margins.

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