Cora Harvey Armstrong Gospel singer and pianist

Was there an imperative (demographic, technological, economic, peace or interpersonal) behind the event’s purpose? How was this accomplished? (or not) (ch.1) Can you apply the Cultural Iceberg framework (ch. 2) How was intercultural competence reflected using the BASIC scale? (ch.3) Were there any instances where you used the process of description, interpretation and evaluation (D-I-E) to stop from passing judgment (evaluating) before completely assessing a situation (describing it neutrally) and contemplating alternative explanations for it (interpreting). (ch. 3) What are some beliefs, values, norms you observed? (ch. 4)

Were there any dimensions/orientations from cultural taxonomies present? (ch. 5) Did you notice any ethnocentrism? Stereotyping? Racism? Prejudice? (ch. 6) What were some verbal and nonverbal codes you observed? Participated in? How about relationship rules among participants on the outcome of encounters? (Ch. 7 &8) Was there any persuasion? (ch. 9) Were there any examples of saving face? (ch. 10) Additional questions you may wish to examine: What did you see and experience at this event that you feel confident you understood accurately? (In other words, where was the intercultural communication fairly competent?) What did you notice that was culturally puzzling to you? (In other words, what did you not understand or where was the intercultural communication not as competent?) Were there any instances where you felt the communication was not as predictable as it would have been in your own culture? Were there any social interactions that you observed or participated in where the verbal and nonverbal were unfamiliar? After participating in this event, what do you think might be the major difficulties in intercultural communication between people from the cultural group sponsoring the event and people from your cultural group? How did attending and participating in this event add to your intercultural communication competence? Organizing the paper: Introduce the event in a way that captures the reader’s attention. This can be by describing a situation that happened, a participant’s response to the event, a startling quote you may have heard or if someone is speaking- a memorable quote from them. Then you will want to give a brief summary of the event – what is its purpose, what cultural group originated the event, when and where did it occur, are there similar events in your own culture? (If your description of the event is too long for an introductory paragraph, you may use the description as one of your forecast points.) You will also want to include a thesis and forecast for the rest of the paper. The forecast should include the cultural tools, theories, concepts you will be using to analyze the event.

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