Analyze the lasting impacts of German settlement in Wisconsin,

You will write two short essays to conclude this module. Each essay should be between 650-900 words. Full guidelines are on the submission page; read them closely.


This question draws on from the readings on German settlement in Wisconsin in the 19th century, and Mexican communities today. You should cite those readings in your answers as appropriate. Your task is to demonstrate that you understand how migrations shaped and shape the Wisconsin that exists today.

First, analyze the lasting impacts of German settlement in Wisconsin, beginning with locations. Did the natural environment (vegetation, soils, climate) influence where they settled, and did they develop strong positive ties to it, or negative ideas about some aspect of it?  Were these views influenced by the culture or landscapes of the places they came from in Europe? Then describe some lasting influences of German immigration to Wisconsin today, both on the land and in the culture.

Then, compare and contrast German immigrants in the 19th century to what you have learned about recent Mexican migration to Wisconsin. You may be more speculative in this section, but still refer to the course readings. How do you see Mexicans in the readings adapt to the cultural practices of the places where they find themselves, and how do they create community in places far from home? How do different types of spaces in Wisconsin (e.g. rural areas, small towns, cities) influence where Mexicans end up? What kinds of lasting impacts can we already expect or see as Mexicans (continue to) settle in Wisconsin permanently?

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