Write about the GFOA rating category (Policy Document, Operations

Description Rate your approved budget document on the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award criteria.

The GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Criteria and the Rating Form (in Word) are attached below. Budget Criteria Explanations.pdf GFOA Budget Award Criteria and Rating Form (2).docx Complete the GFOA rating form in electronic format and then write a memo to me that contains the following information: 1. A section providing background information on the jurisdiction whose budget you analyze. 2. Separate sections that summarize your ratings in each of the GFOA rating categories (Policy Document, Financial Plan, Operations Guide, and Communications Guide). These sections should provide a cogent, concise discussion focusing only on those criteria and ratings that significantly influenced your overall rating for each category. Don’t discuss your ratings on all the criteria in these sections, only the most important criteria in your opinion. 3. A section focusing on the one GFOA rating category (Policy Document, Operations Guide, Financial Plan, or Communications Device) that you think is the most important category in evaluating a jurisdiction’s budget document. In this section, analyze in more depth the budget’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the criteria in this category. Explain why you think the category you selected is so important and use course readings or other course content (or readings/research that are not a part of the course content) to support your argument. 

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