Singer-composers of the Italian Courts: Francesca Caccini and Barbara

 Francesca Caccini and Barbara Strozzi were two of the most important musicians of their day, male or female. They wrote pieces (which they also performed) that are still widely recorded and performed in concert today. Their compositions and stylistic innovations influenced composers of their own and succeeding generations. Compare and contrast these two composers in several ways, using the material in this lesson (which is attached below) , as well as any research you wish to do on your own. MAKE SURE NOT TO JUST COPY SENTENCES FROM LESSON! You can find out much more about them, and all things music, by using the Queens College Music Resources online: . For starters, use Oxford Music Online, and the QC Library’s Onesearch, both found on that page. If using this resource from off campus, you will need your library card bar code. Write your answer of 350 words in NO FEWER than three paragraphs (Introduction, Body [Body] [Body] [Body], Conclusion), double spaced, as always. BE SPECIFIC , and INCLUDE ALL RELEVANT DATES, PLACES, AND NAMES. Omit needless words. Don’t repeat yourself. Make sure that each paragraph starts with a topic sentence.  To succeed with a compare and contrast essay (which is a very common way for teachers to formulate a test essay question), you need to present your arguments point by point, rather than person by person. In other words, don’t tell me all about Francesca Caccini, and then tell me all about Barbara Strozzi, and then wrap it up. Instead you must tell me, for example, the ways in which their early training was similar and how it was different. Then tell me about what their musical pursuits were–how same and how different. Then talk about the kinds of pieces they wrote. Were they similar, or different? Then talk about their careers out in the world. Same? Different? Always go point by point, not person by person. You don’t need to go beyond the material in this lesson in order to do this assignment, but you may if you wish to. If you do, you need to cite your sources. Make sure to use only peer-reviewed material (and not someone’s blog). The handout below will show you how to make compare-contrast outlines. I don’t insist that you include a thesis (as described in the handout) with this particular assignment, but it couldn’t hurt. We will be working on thesis statements soon. Here is some useful material on compare and contrast essays from the University of North Carolina Writing Center.

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