How to encourage patients to come to physical therapy/rehab and


Create an inter/intra-office staff meeting to educate your employees about your Physical Rehabilitation facility and the healthcare/services provided in your practice. Within your report come up with a TOPIC OF CONCERN pertaining to your practice and how the facility can improve. Here are a. How can we encourage patients to come to physical therapy/rehab and explain why it’s important few topics of concern I would like you to discuss in the report: 1 {Physical and Psychological benefits}. 2. How can we maintain this proficiency after we obtain it? 3. Sexual harassment and how it is discouraging, gives us bad reviews, ruins our reputation, and how it may cost us our license to practice. Feel free to write about any topic of concern. Whichever ones that you feel is the easiest to write about. Not necessarily the ones listed above. However, please choose only a MAXIMUM of 2 topics {Ex: HIPAA, Insurance, Procedures, Authorizations, etc..} Please also communicate the following information: 1. Services offered 2. Population served 3. Definition/description of services 4. Insurances accepted 5. Staff {what healthcare professionals work there and who you are meeting with} 2/25/2019

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