What type of Democracy Is Hungary?

Read ( web link ) Journal of Democracy: Hungary’s Victor Orbán’s Laboratory of Illiberalism ……….. https://www.journalofdemocracy.org/article/explaining-eastern-europe-orbán’s-laboratory-illiberalism ………………….. Using this article and finding outside resources as appropriate, generate a 4 page Democracy paper on Hungary. Keep your focus on Hungary alone. Do NOT bring in other countries for comparative analysis……………………. Part 1: Answer the following: What type of Democracy Is Hungary? What conditions have been met or what evidence exists that Hungary is a democracy? The evidence may be mixed in Hungary to place it clearly in the “democratic” and non-democratic category. So please discuss this difficulty. Make sure your evidence is based on academic, reliable sources, such as the web article provided. It is suggested that your evidence comes from peer reviewed academic journals. (about 4 pages) …………………. Part 2: Then take a look at recent news ( from 2017 – present) from this country, Hungary. Do recent events give you any cause to question the stability of your assessment? Based on what you see on the recent news ( example: internet search from New York Times newspaper articles, etc), what do you think the country’s trend will be? Will the level of democracy (or non-non-democracy) remain about the same over the next few years? Please explain and provide supportive evidence for your argument. ( 1 page

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