Urban planning-Metropolitan City Profile

 Your metropolitan city profile should make clear at the start why the city is being featured and should offer a brief description of the city’s historical development, an PLAN 261 Winter 2019 7 account of contemporary conditions, problems or issues and a critical review of recent or current policy, planning or management responses. Several of the following components will normally be required: location and physical assets/constraints; summary history: demographics; economic, social and environmental conditions and issues; urban form or design characteristics; political, planning and management structures; recent or current initiatives, successes or failures; future developments. Profiles often include a section focusing in on a specific area, sector, or other aspect of the city or of its planning or management. Location and city maps are normally required and photographs are encouraged. a short research paper (about 8-10 pages 1.5 spaced including references and footnotes, 11 font size) that should rely on resources beyond your recommended readings. You might want to use resources in any other resources you know [Note: Web searches may be helpful in identifying up-to-date factual material and empirical illustrations, but do not qualify towards an item count of reference materials]. The essay should at least consist of an introduction, a middle portion presenting major findings, and a summary or conclusion. It should include some analysis, and purely descriptive essays are not acceptable. You are suggested to start thinking about your final essay as early as possible. If you have problem selecting a topic for your essay, please come and talk to me. The final research essay is evaluated according to the following criteria: Clarity of Problem Statement and Explanation of Research Methodology; Clarity of Structure; Quality and Number of Citations; Application of Body of Knowledge; Lessons Learned. List all sources of information used in your essay alphabetically. For footnoting and bibliographic entries, please consult APA (American Psychological Association) Style Reference Formats. You are encouraged to selectively use forms of presentation other than text in your essays, such as tables, graphs, charts, maps, or photos. Those non-text contents will not be used to count towards the 8-10 page paper length requirement. However, please note non-text contents should not take much space of your paper.

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