Technology in Transportation and Logistics Industry

 Week 5 Forum: Paraphrasing and Using Direct Quotations This forum has 2 parts, both of which ask for a signal phrase to introduce the source material. Both parts require appropriate in-text citation. Following the “sandwich technique” described in this week’s required reading, post a direct quotation from one of your sources as it would appear within the body of your research paper. Be sure that you introduce your quote with a signal phrase, provide some commentary for the quote, and include the appropriate in-text citations for your documentation style. Follow the source material with closing commentary or analysis to link it to your thesis/purpose. Next, paraphrase the same quotation and use a signal phrase and closing commentary to demonstrate how the paraphrase would appear in your research paper; include an in-text citation in the documentation style you are using for your paper. Be sure to label which documentation style you are using and include the appropriate bibliography entry as the source will appear on your works cited, reference, or bibliography page. It is best to avoid large block quotes for this assignment, since the goal is to integrate the quote into your writing. Simply inserting a large, indented block quote does not necessarily demonstrate that integration skill. Use the follow source below that is found in my school library to complete the assignment. Also below will be my school library website and sign information. Source: Kyunghee, P. (2018). Block Chain is about to Revolutionize the Shipping Industry, Bloomberg BusinessWeek. I also need you to come up with a good thesis statement for my topic for my Research Paper. Below is a research question I came up with that can help you come up with a good thesis statement. When looking at the emerging trends in the transport and logistics industry, what technological innovations are changing the industry? Are the benefits realized from technological innovations in the transport and logistics industry sustainable for the long-term? How has policy development and strategic management impacted the transport and logistics industry? Looking at transport and logistics from management, technological and operational perspective, what does the future look like? What are some of the theories that guide the operational and managerial approach in transport and logistics?

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