Review of the Book titled – Special Operations Mental Toughness: The

Topic Book titled – Special Operations Mental Toughness: The Invincible Mindset of Delta Force Operators, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers & Other Elite Warriors 

Paper details the review will have four (4) sections: Strengths, Weaknesses, Importance and Recommendations. Strengths should do what it says, highlight the strengths of the book (in your opinion). Three should be sufficient. Weaknesses are just as simple. What did you not like about the book? Again, three examples should be enough. Importance will explain if you believe that the content is “important” to the subject matter you are currently studying. Does the book create a better understanding of the subject? Recommendation is simply your opinion about the book, as to whether you either believe or don’t believe that future students should read this book. Think of this as your “Conclusion” paragraph.

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