publicly traded firm that made a significant change in its

Find an example of a publicly traded firm that made a significant change in its Organizational Architecture (OA) within the past 5 years. Write a paper (subject to the space constraints below) that addresses the following: 1. Briefly describe the firm and its industry. 2. Describe how the firm changed its OA. 3. Discuss how the firm was performing in the capital markets prior to the change. 4. Discuss the factors (e.g., the changes in the firm’s business environment and/or strategy) that motivated the firm to change its OA. 5. Discuss the effects this change was hoped to have on employee behaviors/actions and firm value. 6. Discuss how the firm has performed since the OA change. 7. Assess its future outlook. Your paper should be double spaced with normal margins and no more than three (3) pages long. In addition, you can include 1) cover sheet with title, names, and date, 2) one page that includes figures, graphs, and/or tables, and 3) one page of references. You are free to use the web and library resources to research your market. Be sure to cite any references you have used. To save space in the body of the report, you should reference sources in the following manner: [1, p. 10], where 1 refers to the number of the source on your page of references.

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