Personality Portfolio

Personality Portfolio

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Instructions I made a brief video for you discussing it and the expectations for this project. It is linked here Please be sure to have flash and use a few browsers if the link does not work. Personality Portfolio (Adapted from Dr. Yasmine Kalkstein, North Hennepin Community College) Your personality portfolio will consist of three parts: Part I Complete the following tests; Test 1: Test 2: Test 3: Print a .pdf file or take a screenshot of your results. Please be sure to include these documents as part of your assignment submission. (these are to be included and are not factored in the page length of the order. I will need about 2500 words for this assignment in total) You should also include a one-page reflection for each personality test. A reflection may include whether you think the test results were an accurate depiction of you, what you thought of the test questions, or thoughts on the trait being measured. Part II Conduct an interview with an older individual and write a four page paper detailing your experience. Ask them to tell you their life story. Begin the paper by describing who you interviewed, how you met them or know them. Based on your interview, assess their personality in terms of Erikson’s developmental theory. Be sure to explain Erikson’s theory as you describe it. How did they resolve the various stages? Where do you believe they fit now? You should also comment on other aspects of their personality, but be sure to spend at least half the paper on Erikson’s theory. Part III Describe and reflect on your own personality in a 3-5 page paper. When doing so, include the following points: Relate your personality to at least 3 theories covered in this course. Describe each theory in detail. What environmental factors do you think shaped your personality? How has your personality changed over time? Relate your personality to one of the developmental frameworks. Some researchers believe you might manifest different behaviors in different situations. Give at least one example of this in your own life.

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