Identify and briefly describe three (3) human resource policies and

Instructions Respond to the following nine (9) questions. You must answer every question. A guide to the length of your response for each question is provided next to each question. 1. Identify a human resource network for each of the following. Include the name of the organisation and briefly describe its key purpose. (20 words each) • In your local area • For your state or territory • Australia wide • Internationally 2. Describe three (3) human resource functions that can assist with sustainability in an organisation. (40 words) 3. What is the purpose of the Fair Work Act 2009? (30 words) 4. Explain the purpose of the National Employment Standards and identify the 10 minimum entitlements. (80 words) 5. Identify and briefly describe the purpose of five (5) pieces of state or commonwealth legislation that apply to the human resources area. (300 words) 6. Identify and briefly describe three (3) human resource policies and procedures commonly used in organisations. (70 words) 7. Outline three (3) key ethical obligations of human resources personnel. (60 words) 8. Explain how information technology can assist in analysing human resources metrics. (80 words) 9. Outline the five (5) key roles and responsibilities of a human resources manager. (50 words)

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