History of 20th Century Textile Design

Topic History of 20th Century Textile Design

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HA305-85A History of 20th Century Textile Design

Assignment Guidelines and Research Guide Textile Analysis or Exhibition Review (15%) the Textile Analysis requires that students visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Neue Galerie, MoMA, Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum or other New York City Museums and choose a textile, or an artwork that depicts a textile (painting, garment, sculpture) to analyze. Ideally, the chosen artwork dates from the mid-19th century to today and could represent textiles from all the world cultures that are covered in the course. The 3-to-4 page paper must analyze a chosen textile or textile depicted within an artwork, along with its artistic, technical, cultural and historical contexts. Essays must include a brief analysis of how the textile or artwork is displayed. Or Exhibition Review of “Fabric in Fashion”at the Museum at FIT. The 3-4 page exhibition review should analyze the main theme of the exhibition and contextualize Topics may include: broader themes of the exhibition, how it is mounted, visitor experience and exhibition design, how fashion and textiles are presented, if the exhibition is successful in communicating ideas, and/or anything you find interesting, or not, about the show, among others. The review should include images to illustrate certain objects or parts of the exhibition design, a bibliography ( make sure to check out the exhibition website). The paper should include, secondary source research, in-text citations in MLA or Chicago style, a bibliography, an image of the artwork/textile and its museum identification information.

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