Description Dark and Thanatourism Management

 Description Dark tourism (also known as ‘Thanatourism’) – the act of travel to sites of death, disaster or the seemingly macabre – has received increasing academic and media attention over the past decade. The purpose of this module is to allow students to study a niche, yet important component of the tourist attraction and exhibition sector. The module content will draw upon current thinking and research, and will incorporate up-to-date industry trends and examples linking into History, Society, Politics, Ethics and Futures. Website Description You will study a niche, yet important, component of the tourist attraction and exhibition sector. You will draw upon current thinking and research as well as incorporate up-to-date industry trends and examples linking into history, society, politics, ethics and the future of the industry. Syllabus and Content Contextualising Dark & Thantourism and dark tourists within a (Post) Modern Society – ‘Death Sells’ concepts – its influences & consequences for the heritage and tourism sector Dark Tourism, Mortality, & Mediation: role of the Significant ‘Other’ and ‘Othering’ as a basis to explore sites of death, disaster, slavery and macabre. Managing the Moral & Ethical Dilemmas of Dark & Thantourism – Motivations, consumption and behaviour of dark tourists – ethical and morality considerations and (New) Moral Places – Fear and Ontological Security within the heritage and tourism sector. Sacred Ground & Contested Narratives: (Re)Presenting Death & Tragedy – Places of Shame & Pain: media and interpretive issues within dark tourism – notions of authenticity of representation – Contemporary Museology & ‘Thana-Events’ The Future of Dark Tourism – new dark tourism sites/destinations – dark tourism governance and management – shining a lighton dark tourism Learning Outcomes i. Conceptualise and theorise dark and thanatourism within a postmodern society. ii. Critically examine the implications of social, cultural and political forces on dark tourism spaces. iii. Critically evaluate the strategies employed to dark & thanatourism tourism dilemmas. iv. Critically analyse the key challenges facing managers of dark tourism spaces within a dynamic future environment Delivery The module will be delivered through a combination of both lecture-led sessions and student-led critical conversations. These will revolve around the practical application of theoretical issues to the management of dark and thanatourism. Assessment Element Coursework Description Individual essay in the format of a Literature review (2000 words)

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