Cognitive Psychology: Perception

2. You will be completing a Literature Review for a total of 3 articles. I have already uploaded the first. The two additional articles should thoroughly support the research design that you propose in the second portion of the paper. 3. You must read the articles and answer all critical elements A-H for EACH article under Section I: Literature Review of the assignment.

THESE QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED IN THE PROPER CONTEXT. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION BEFORE ANSWERING! 4. Each article will have its own Literature Review separated. Do not combine them. 4b. You must cite the APA’s Code of Ethics. If an article does not address ethics, then give an example of what they might need to be considered ethical. 5. You must select peer-reviewed articles for this assignment (they must be researched studies). 6. The research gap (that is, what does the reviewed articles not address) should be clearly defined. 7. The research design must be thorough. You are encouraged to model after how the reviewed articles structured their designs. 8. All critical elements in this assignment should be addressed as per the Assignment Guidelines that I uploaded. 9. All critical elements must be labeled and separated by their corresponding letter as indicated in the PSY 305 Final Project Part I Guidelines and Rubric 10. Each critical element should be answered thoughtfully to prevent having to make so many revisions. I am uploading a similar research investigation that shows how the literature review should be addressed and how thorough the research design must be.

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