Analyze how “historiography” is an ongoing process largely influenced

Purpose of the Paper (Examining the Production of Contemporary Historiography) – The goal of this paper is to allow you to analyze how “historiography” is an ongoing process largely influenced by the news media.  History is a subjectively generated product.  History incorporates the biases and viewpoints of those who produce it. The news media today is a key source in providing us with “meaning” connected to newsworthy “historical” events. In fact, the news media is in fact a major part of the process that generates “history.” Although news media reporters and editors frequently claim that they are presenting “just the facts,” the way in which these “facts” are presented often carry a number of biases that strongly influence public perception and interpretations of current events.


For this assignment, you are going to pick a specific, single international event and examine how this event is presented by different news media sources from around the globe. You are being asked to compare the articles you have selected for this assignment and discuss how the differing ways in which the event you have chosen actually reflects more than the “plain” facts, but rather reveals complex layers of social values, assumptions, biases, beliefs and meanings by each of your articles’ authors.


WRITE a 2000 minimum word (double spaced, medium size 10 –12 font, standard margins) in which you provide a summary and comparison of the different articles you have selected for this assignment. You will search for differing emphases and patterns between your articles, and


you will consider the differing impact each individual article might make on its reader depending on how the issue is presented and handled by each author. You are to examine and critique the differing ways in which the issue is being presented in your articles.


Also, for this paper, you need to consider how the news reports of today become the “historiography” of tomorrow. This is an opportunity for you to think critically about how the news is presented to the reader in each newspaper.

Do you have a sense that certain “facts” are being emphasized in one article while those same facts are dismissed or ignored or presented somewhat differently by the authors in some of your other selected articles?

Do you have a sense that only one particular side of the issue is being presented in a particular article?

If so, why do you think this is happening?

In what ways has the event you have selected for this assignment been reported differently in each of your articles? (Keep in mind that these differences may


Finally, what have you learned through this process? What have you come to understand about the production of “news” and the power of the news media over the reader by comparing these different articles?

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