Accounts and explanations of a few authors on the origin of the


I would like the paper to lean on the accounts and explanations of a few authors on the origin of the universe, relying not too heavily on physical equations, formulas and derivations, but rather utilizing a more simplistic approach; tapping into the natural curiosity of mankind, of the history and journey humanity has made to overcome the ideologies and doctrines of religion and medieval science, leading up to the greatest scientific revolutions, all concerning the origins of life and the universe. I would like to quote the following authors and books: Lawrence Krauss: The greatest story ever told.. so far. Stephen Hawking: The Theory of Everything & A brief History of Time. Brian Cox: a Human Universe, and various sources from the internet. Please do quote great figures like Carl Sagan, Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Aristotle, Democritus (first person to mention atoms) Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox and others you may think of that mention from a philosophical point of view, our conception of the origins and understanding of the universe. I would like this paper to contain a noticeable, but small spark of conflict between ancient and modern science, and the bible/religious beliefs & doctrines. This paper has to be objective, yet talk about the overcoming of these religious beliefs by science and critical thought and observation. Please do quote Lawrence Krauss as often as possible, his way of thinking lies at the near center of the way I want this paper to be received. 

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