Feminist theory and queer critique as forms of expression.


Critical Gender and Sexuality Studies

This assignment you to think about feminist theory and queer critique as forms of expression. Secondly, the assignment asks that you yourself choose an expression through which you can gather your ideas from readings assigned in this course and present them for a dialogue and discussion with your peers. This Reading: Koyama, Emi. “Disloyal to Feminism” The Color of Violence Incite! Anthology 50% Your paper must draw from the readings and clearly state how you are using the author’s arguments to analyze your topic. Your use of the readings should be narrowly tailored to your thesis and should SUPPORT your thesis. 25% – a clearly stated thesis that presents an argument that can be debated. Your argument should not be descriptive or merely opinion based, but rather, a debatable argument that presents an analysis of the topic at hand. The thesis should be narrow rather than broad. 25% – edited, spell checked, formatted, and including a works cited

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