Analysis of Sherman Alexie, Hopelessness and Escape

Sherman Alexie, Hopelessness and Escap 

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Directions: Develop your own argument about a single topic in one of the American literature texts from the following sections: a) African American Writers b) Latinx Writers C) Native American Writer. Your topic should be something that cannot be discerned from a first-time, surface reading of the text; must be completely original; and must be focused, narrow and manageable. Percentage of Course Grade: Essay, 30%; Topic Proposal, 5% Due Date March 10th by 11:55pm Length: 5-7 pages *At least five complete pages. Failure to meet the page requirement will result in a grade of a “D” or lower. Essay Topics: Find an essay topic, narrow and focused, that interests you –Begin brainstorming topics by simply engaging with the text, skimming sections, and looking for patterns. As you choose your text(s) percolate upon where you might like to study. Will it be an element of plot? Characterization? Theme? Symbol? An aspect of the writer’s literary technique? Will you examine the text through a specific lens of literary criticism (i.e. feminist theory, cultural studies, historical criticism, etc.)? Remember, your goal for this assignment is NOT to summarize or promote this author. It is, rather, to bring some new thinking on your part to the study of this literature for a larger audience—the reader of your essay. Initiate your research. Begin by looking at what you can find on the author. Add to that his/her specific work. Here is where you’ll test to see where you might go with this essay; what topic you’ll want to pursue and what thesis might be lying within that topic. Actively read, several times, both the primary source and the secondary source(s). You should have collected at least three secondary sources to begin seeing what has been written about your author and his/her particular work. Actively take notes, highlight (where possible), question, investigate, and further research what you’re reading. Pay attention to whatever you feel may provide a deeper insight into your primary source and/or your author. You never know what will give you an “epiphany” regarding this work! 2 Once you have read, and reread, both the primary source and secondary source(s), select which of the secondary sources you may use for your literary analysis. As you continue working on your analysis, you will need to select just TWO of these secondary sources

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